About a year ago I had this idea that I would design a collection that was totally inspired by caves. Stalactite fringing, cables that looked like calcified deposits, nubby textured merino juxtaposed with slick monofilament to mimic wet rock, mossy mohair fuzziness, all knitted in dark moody beautiful colours. A magical visit to Gasparee caves in Trinidad made me certain that some day I wanted to shoot here. Fast forward one year later and despite all the red tape and bureaucratic BS we had to fight to get clearance for the location, my Gollum cave shoot has become a reality and I cannot wait to share the photos. For now, here's a look at some behind the scenes that shows the amazing team hard at work making magic. Special thank you to Kyon De Leon for coming on board at the very last minute and putting this video together for us all to enjoy. 

Funny to flashback to this other video from earlier this year here when I was in the middle of the design phase but already had the cave shoot idea clear in my head. You have to love it when ideas come to fruition

Wedding Bells

It's wedding season again! I've never considered myself to be a special occasion or wedding dress designer at all. It's never been my forte. Nevertheless, I was honored when not one but two lovely ladies reached out to me last year to make them custom looks for their special days. Of course I had to rise to the callenge and put my spin on a wedding dress. My dear friend Tanya Marie agreed on a sleeveless dress with a fringed hem for her garden wedding. The lovely Brooke wanted something a little playful for her after-wedding brunch in Tuscany. We went with a similar fringed skirt and a fun matching crop top. Her special day was featured in Vogue earlier this month. Take a look this magic Brooke's Tuscan Wedding

Behind the Scenes

I cannot believe it has been a year since we shot this. So much has happened. So many obstacles, opportunities and so much growth. Even these shoots had their own share of mishaps... quicksand, rain, fishtailing, dropped cameras, car getting stuck in the gate, I can go on and on! Somehow we got it together and pushed through. I suppose that has been a common theme on this journey. I am ever grateful that from day one I have been surrounded by such talented and hardworking individuals. Case in point, here is some beautiful imagery shot by the talented Miquel Galorfré.